・Entered a Business Alliance with Scala, Inc. to drive the development of “Trust DX”.
・Second case of an agreement with an Indonesian school,
a step forward in resolving the shortage of elderly care workforce.
・Shinoken begins operation of the JPY 10 Billion private REIT.

・June. 5 Marking the 30th anniversary of Shinoken Group.
・Establishment of Shinoken REIT Investment Corporation.
・Capital and business alliance with YUTAKA COLLEGE.
・Registration of Ivestment Management to FSA completed.

・Announced the establishment of Shinoken Intelligent Technology (SKiT), that will handle the planning and development of new products and services related to Real Estate Tech.


・Became the first foreign company to obtain a real estate fund management license in Indonesia.

・Started a real estate fund business in Indonesia.


・Shinoken Group Co., Ltd has incorporated a two-headquarters system. The Tokyo Office switched to Tokyo Headquarters and relocated to its new office in November.
・Local general contractor in Indonesia becomes a subsidiary. Development expected in Indonesia, strengthening the General Contractor Business in Indonesia, where high growth can be expected.
・First apartment fund in Japan created for institutional investors.


・Stock acquisition and underwriting of classified stocks lead to All Way MYU Corporation, a real estate rental agency which operates in Fukuoka, joining the corporate group.
・Capital and business tie-up signed with Chaintope, a company which develops systems using blockchain technology.
・Underwriting of capital increase through third-party allocation for Shindenryoku, a company which develops projects related to sustainable energy, leads to 50% acquisition of shares and Shindenryoku becoming an affiliate.


・Stock acquisition of Something Holdings, a company which provides ground foundation related services such as ground improvement, leads to signing of capital and business tie-up and making it an equity-method affiliate.
・With the goal of expansion in the Indonesian market,
PT. Shinoken Development Indonesia is established.


・Capital and business tie-up signed with Properst Co., Ltd., a company which develops and sells real estate in the Tokyo area. Additional stock acquisition of Properst leading to it becoming an equity-method affiliate.
・With Ogawa Construction as surviving company and SKG Invest and SKG Next as merged companies, Ogawa's shares acquired through absorption merger.


・General contractor Ogawa Construction, veteran company founded in Meiji year 42 (1909), becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary, and condominium construction business in Tokyo is insourced.
・Shinoken Office Service Company founded to provide back office services within Shinoken Group.
・As business expands into Kansai area, Osaka Office is opened.


・Selected by Tokyo Stock Exchange as "J-Stock Issue", a top company group on the TSE JASDAQ.
・Introduces shareholders special benefits plan as part of shareholder return initiative.
・Acquires 50% of total outstanding stocks for JICC SSI and makes it a subsidiary, entering into small-amount and short-term insurance business.
・Headquarters moves to ACROS Fukuoka building at 1-Chome 1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka.
・Real demand condominium sales team is newly established and begins sales.


・Shinoken Wellness founded to handle management of Elderly Care Business.


・Business tie-up signed with Nokyo Tourist Corp. and Chinese travel agency for real estate sales business in Japan targeted at Chinese people.
・100% equity capital in SHINOKEN CHINA LIMITED (Hong Kong corporation), making it a wholly-owned subsidiary.
・Capital funds reduced to JPY 1 Billion, capital surplus reserve and earned surplus reserve amounts reduced, and surplus disposed to allow complete liquidation of losses carried forward.


・Capital and business tie-up with en Corp. in order to strengthen development and sales of condominiums in Fukuoka.
・To respond to the demand for real estate investment in Japan by Chinese investors, 70% equity capital acquired in Hong Kong corporation in order to make Shanghai corporation a subsidiary, thereby allowing development of real estate sales business in China.
・Capital funds increased to JPY 2,222,150,000 through third-party allocation.
・In order to increase group's revenue potential and operational efficiency, Shinoken’s real estate rental management business is divested to become Shinoken Facilities Company.


・On October 1, company's trade name is changed from Shinoken Inc. to Shinoken Group. Through absorption-type company split of Shinoken Group, company switches to holding company system and starts anew as Shinoken Group. Existing work done by Shinoken Inc. is continued by Shinoken Group under new system.
・Capital and business tie-up agreement with BETTER HOUSE HOLDING LIMITED. 20.5% share of Better House Group acquired, allowing expansion into Chinese real estate market.
・Agreement for cooperative development of real estate business with D.B.ZWIRN & CO., L.P.


・Capital funds increased to JPY 1,922,150,000.
・Capital and business tie-up agreement with Asset Managers Inc. allows continuous supply of condominiums developed by Shinoken to AM's real estate funds.
・Business tie-up with Kyushu Leasing Service Co., Ltd. Expanded buying of land for apartments and improved financial structure.
・As business expands into Sendai area, Sendai Office is opened.


・Capital funds increased to JPY 1,567,150,000.
・Tie-up with USEN Corporation allows new service providing VOD to apartment tenants.
・Trade name changed from Shinohara Kensetsu Systems to Shinoken Co., Ltd.
・As business expands into Sapporo area, Sapporo Office is opened.


・Capital funds increased to JPY 567,420,000.
・Business tie-up agreement for non-recourse loan with Tokyo Star Bank.


・Acquires 100% share of Nissho Harmony, a company which sells studio condominiums in the Tokyo area, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary.
・Start of Shino-can System service, a simple security system by which apartment tenants are alerted to break-ins or fires by SMS while they are out.
・As business expands into Nagoya area, Nagoya Office is opened.


・Listed on JASDAQ (securities code 8909). Capital funds increased to JPY 317,670,000.
・Start of Tokutoku Club for apartment tenants and various services such as high-speed internet.
・Full-scale deployment of high-rise condominium business in Tokyo area starts.


・As business expands into Tokyo area, Tokyo Office is opened.
・Obtains registered real-estate broker license from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.
・Capital funds increased to JPY 260,220,000.
・Food services business started in commercial affairs group. Kitamae Aburi Takadaya Hakata Nakasu location and Kitamae Soba Takadaya Fukuoka Tenjin location opens.
・Through stock swap, SK Energy becomes wholly-owned subsidiary of Shinohara Kensetsu Systems.


・Capital funds increased to JPY 94,900,000.
・10th anniversary. New company office building completed in Hakataeki-minami and headquarters are moved there.
・Second location of rental sales division, House Stage Hakata, opens.


・Activation of apartment agency system.
・Preparatory office for the opening of Tokyo branch.


・Capital funds increased to JPY 55,700,000.
・Company building built in Tenjin area of Fukuoka.
・Rental sales division launched and House Stage Tenjin opened.


・TV commercials start airing.
・Number 1 in number of construction kick-offs for conventional wood-construction apartments built in Fukuoka area.
・Start of general insurance agency business.


・Registered as architect office.
・Commercial affairs division newly established, convenience stores opened.
・Sale of "Neo Compartment House" begins.


・Capital funds increased to JPY 10,000,000.
・Company headquarters building newly built.


・Sales of asset management-type apartments "Compartment House" begins.


・Shinohara Kensetsu Systems is founded.