COMPANY Message From The President

Our group was founded in June 1990, at the start of the declining bubble economy. In order to solve social unrest, especially that of economic anxiety towards the retirement life of the working class, the current model of apartment investment and management started, as a means of asset development. As a leading company, we have been trusted and supported for 29 years.

Having entered the “100-year life span era”, we have a strong conscious to rebrand from being:

Shinoken for “Apartment Management” to Shinoken for “Life Support”

Our group is changing into a social enterprise that will stay alongside our customers. In response to issues such as rapidly aging population and declining labor force, we are expanding various life support-related projects to promote business transformation.

Looking back to the consolidated results of the fiscal year ended in December 2018, out of JPY 111.3 Billion Net Sales and JPY 10.6 Billion Ordinary Income, the composition of apartment sales accounted for approximately 33%. The profit structure for projects besides apartment sales has changed to account for more than two-thirds. Apartment management (Real Estate Sales Business) and our General Contractor business are only starting points in a customer’s life plan. We would like to be a business that responds to social issues, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, by expanding our reliable services of maintaining high occupancy rates and after-sales services for owners and tenants (Real Estate Service Business), providing infrastructure related to the resident's life (Energy Business), housing specifications and nursing care for aging owners and residents, home management (Life Care Business), etc.

Globally, we began extending our business in China during 2006; now focusing our operations in Indonesia. We are expanding our success model of “Shinohara Construction Systems”, cultivated over 29 years, into ASEAN countries where the middle class is gradually growing. Utilizing it as our global business strategy we have also been developing our after-sales services, local corporation and partner development, and real estate development.  In response to the shortage of human resources in Japan, especially the critical need for nursing staff, we are looking at possibilities to support the younger generation to train within the economic circle of Shinoken Group and return back to Japan with high skills.

 The new Tokyo Headquarter office was set in November 2018 in response to our growing “Life Support Business” starting from real estate sales and the increase in business functions and employees. In addition, Shinoken Real Estate Fund, “Harmony Terrace Tokyo No. 1 (HTT-1)” which is unique to the group’s business model has achieved steadily high dividends. Plans to create a REIT in 2019 and expanding the asset management business are moving forward; as a business foundation that supports the group's management, we will continuously evolve into a group where customers, shareholders and other stakeholders can interact safely. We will always return to the core spirit of being a company that acts on social issues and strive to improve corporate value by making the best use of synergies between domestic and overseas networks.

February 2019

Shinoken Group Co., Ltd.
Hideaki Shinohara